Here’s another recent client case study that highlights how we navigated complex mortgage requirements to deliver results.

  • The clients needed to re-bridge a bridging loan of £242,000 that was due to end and raise £83,000 in capital for a business loan.
  • They had an existing bridging loan that would soon be coming to an end. It was taken out to complete internal cosmetic works within the property to bring it up to date.
  • As a result of the increase in the cost of materials and building delays, this had taken longer than expected.
  • SFC Bridging & Commercial secured 100% of the total loan amount. The exit of the bridging loan will be the sale of the property after the works have been completed.

Total loan amount: £328,250 

We offer comprehensive guidance and support to help brokers make informed decisions and ensure the success of commercial and development projects.

SFC Bridging Loan Case Study

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