This growing trend reflects an increased need for effective debt consolidation solutions among over 15 million people in Great Britain facing adverse credit situations.

Second charge mortgages are proving to be a game-changer for many, offering a pathway to financial stability and restructuring. Particularly in these times, with the cost-of-living crisis stretching household finances, considering a second charge mortgage for debt consolidation could be a strategic move.

This opportunity is not just for debt consolidation but also for taking control of your financial future. If you’re exploring ways to manage your debts more efficiently, a second charge mortgage might just be the solution you need.

We specialise in a wide range of mortgage services, such as Residential & Buy-to-Let Mortgages, Equity Release, Mortgage Protection and Specialist Mortgages so you don’t have to face this alone!

Your SFC Seconds Team

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  • Dale Treharne-Morgan

    Dale Treharne-Morgan

    Specialist Mortgage Advisor

  • Frazer Hurley

    Frazer Hurley

    Partnerships Manager

  • Gareth Hopkins

    Gareth Hopkins

    Senior Specialist Mortgage Advisor

  • Gareth Perkins

    Gareth Perkins

    Partnerships Manager

  • Humaira Soobiah

    Humaira Soobiah

    Broker Relationship Manager

  • Julian Morris

    Julian Morris

    Senior Specialist Mortgage Advisor

  • Natalie Williams

    Natalie Williams

    Senior Specialist Mortgage Advisor

  • Neil Mace

    Neil Mace

    Senior Specialist Mortgage Advisor

  • Mark Jenkins

    Mark Jenkins

    Business Development Manager

  • Patrick Baker

    Patrick Baker

    Case Manager

  • Rebecca Bailey

    Rebecca Bailey

    Senior Specialist Mortgage Advisor