Together as a Mortgage Broker, your clients rely on you to guide them through the ever-changing landscape of the mortgage market.

By incorporating Second Charge Mortgages into your toolkit, you empower your clients with alternative options that can help them achieve their financial objectives while retaining the benefits of their existing mortgage.

If you’re ready to expand your expertise, provide innovative solutions, and unlock new opportunities for your clients, let’s connect. Reach out to me directly to explore how we can collaborate and prosper together in this competitive market.

To find out more about becoming an SFC Introducer for the second charge mortgage requirements of your clients, you can reach a member of our SFC Seconds team by emailing or by calling 02920 218 630.

Your SFC Seconds Team

The way we do business is driven by our people – from our specialist mortgage advisors to our business development managers. Find out more about who we are here.

  • Dale Treharne-Morgan

    Dale Treharne-Morgan

    Specialist Mortgage Advisor

  • Frazer Hurley

    Frazer Hurley

    Partnerships Manager

  • Gareth Hopkins

    Gareth Hopkins

    Senior Specialist Mortgage Advisor

  • Gareth Perkins

    Gareth Perkins

    Partnerships Manager

  • Humaira Soobiah

    Humaira Soobiah

    Broker Relationship Manager

  • Julian Morris

    Julian Morris

    Senior Specialist Mortgage Advisor

  • Natalie Williams

    Natalie Williams

    Senior Specialist Mortgage Advisor

  • Neil Mace

    Neil Mace

    Senior Specialist Mortgage Advisor

  • Mark Jenkins

    Mark Jenkins

    Business Development Manager

  • Patrick Baker

    Patrick Baker

    Case Manager

  • Rebecca Bailey

    Rebecca Bailey

    Senior Specialist Mortgage Advisor