A recent survey by Pepper Money has shed light on the perspectives around second charge mortgages in the UK. Surprisingly, only 12% of respondents would consider a second-charge mortgage for additional borrowing against their home, slightly higher than the 7% considering a further advance. The primary motivation for opting for a second-charge mortgage is home improvements, followed by those who would use it to consolidate other debts.

Interestingly, nearly one-third (27%) would think about using a second-charge mortgage for debt consolidation if it meant reducing their monthly credit bills. Home improvements remain a significant driver, with 57% citing this as a reason for opting for a second-charge mortgage, 20% for purchasing an additional property, and 29% for debt consolidation.

The survey also revealed that 47% have contemplated investing in making their properties more energy-efficient.

This insight highlights the potential and versatility of second-charge mortgages, especially for those looking to enhance their homes or manage finances more efficiently. As the market evolves, understanding these financial tools can open new doors for homeowners.

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