The key to a mortgage advisers client retention

Mortgage advisers, client retention is hugely important. Whilst some clients are as loyal as they come there are those inevitably that go elsewhere.

One way to keep them from doing so is to ensure your product offering is as robust as possible.

Having a strong 2nd charge partner is key to client retention . One that you can trust to NEVER cross sell to your clients. They do the 2nd charge and that’s it, the client stays yours.

Imagine the below and ask yourself honestly could or have you lost a client because of this:

Client wants to remortgage because of unsecured debt for example, you tell them “your in an ERC so need to wait”, “not enough income “to much debt or missed payments”.

Client walks away and his/her mate Dave in the pub says contact this company they sorted me out. Client takes this advice. Low and behold the company who arranged the 2nd charge gleefully diarises them for the remortgage and sells insurance to.

So the 2nd charge opportunity is lost and you now have risk of clawback on protection and future remortgage

Now I could just say “offer 2nd charges or lose clients” but if you have read this far hopefully it’s clear why it’s a crucial product for any modern mortgage adviser to offer.

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