Bridging Finance

SFC offer regulated and unregulated 1st and 2nd charge bridging on residential, investment, commercial property and land.

  • Terms can be up to 24 months with the interest rolled up (retained) until redemption or serviced monthly
  • Rates available in the market are from 0.4%. A typical rate is between 0.75% and 1% per month
  • Payments can be made at exit or on a month to month basis. The preference generally is to retain the interest so its payable on the exit of the bridge
  • If advised on correctly, bridging can be an invaluable finance tool particularly for property professionals

We focus on making sure entering a bridging loan is the correct advice for the client. Analysis of the exit rather than chasing a “deal” is more important to us.

Bridging is high-risk short-term lending for the lenders involved but also for the clients to. Therefore, we reflect this in our approach before offering and recommending a product.

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