2nd Charge Mortgages

Simply, a 2nd charge mortgage sits behind a 1st charge on a client’s residential property.

There are numerous scenarios a 2nd charge would be preferable to a 1st charge re mortgage, a further advance or an unsecured loan including:
  • Tied in to a fixed rate product on 1st charge therefore redemption penalties to re mortgage
  • Failing income multiples on 1st charge or re mortgage application
  • Arrears on current 1st charge or existing unsecured credit
  • On a very low 1st charge rate so not best advice to re mortgage away from existing product
Headline features of 2nd charge residential mortgages are:
  • Rates from 3.37%
  • Loans from 10k to 2.5 million
  • Products that don’t work off income multiples just an affordability assessment
  • Adverse credit products
  • Up to 100% LTV available (we are always cautious with high LTV applications and get you and client to agree to it before recommended)

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